Apr 2, 2012

Strong Women Hunt

This Hunt Is By Invite Only

I have been organizing Hunts since Nov 09'. I have had a lot of vendors since I've started. This will be the smallest hunt I've ever done (25 vendors) do to RL issues (pregnancy - Due Date April 27th).

To all the Hunters of the Beachside Hunts.
 Out of All my Vendors I have ever had in any of my Hunts. My SL Hubby has randomly picked a select few to be in this hunt to gift you with the best of what they make. Please enjoy and have fun with this Hunt.
I know we will.

*Hunt Theme*
All throughout history WE as women are the heart and soul of our families.
As my Grandmother would say,
"Women are the backbone of the family.
We teach our children right from wrong.
We hold the family together." 
The month of May is for the mothers of the world.