Jul 15, 2010

SL Artist United Hunt

We have some great Photographers here is SL and feel everyone should see their work. So lets show them off.

Only accepting 100 vendors and No More, so hurry and send your applications in. Any Applications over that will be set aside for Fill-Ins.

~* Rules *~

* Must be your own work. (Nothing just pulled from the Internet.)

* Your picture can be any THEME.

* Must be Framed.

* Must be something NEW. (Nothing already displayed in your store and/or gallery.

* Picture can be SL or RL. (Must have been enhanced or tweaked in some way.)

* Please be creative, you want to show off your creativity.

All Questions should be sent via Notecard. Notecard should be labeled SL AUH-Q - Your Name

Thanks for Considering This Hunt
Brandy Birge, Hunt Organizer
Evelyn Hartshon, Asst. Organizer & Gift Blogger
Ronnette Raremaster, Asst. Organizer & Apps Keeper