Jan 26, 2010

Beautiful Nightmare Hunt

Hunt Runs from: April 2nd - 30th

Application Deadline: March 14th

Applications are know Closed
I have 160 Vendors Now

Hello once again I am trying my hand at organizing another hunt...The first went well I think...no one had anything bad to say. As of yet.

This hunt is for everyone because everyone has had a Beautiful Nightmare at some point in there life...and would not change it for nothing in the world.

*~*Hunters Info.*~*
Please remember that some of the places in my hunts you have to be Age Verified. If you have not been through the process and would still like to be apart of the Beautiful Nightmare Hunt please let me know and will sent you info on how to do so.

If you do not want to Age Verify a LM to the next store will be provided.

Please do not be rude or whine to myself and/or the shop owners. Try to remember to respect others as you move through the Hunt.

To get hint for this hunt please join the Say It Naughty Scavenger Hunts Group. There is also a this blog which will have a few hints on it as well. Not all Vendors give hints so help each other out.

Be nice - play fair...most importantly HAVE FUN!
Please be kind to one another or group will be closed down.

Brandy Birge